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Ecological initiative Ltd ECINA
Stakhanovsk production area of the Ecological initiative Ltd. ( ECINA Ltd.) is founded in 1992 in Almazna, Lugansk region on the territory of previously liquidated Almaznianskyy metallurgical factory and verges on the territory of dump of offcuts of ferroalloy production of OJSC Stakhanov ferroalloy factory. The improvement of the ecological state of our region is the main mission of ECINA by means of the complete processing of dumps of activity of Stakhanov factory, and in the future the dumps of an already non-existent Almaziansyy metallurgical factory.

Address of the Company:
Legal address: 49000 Dnipropetrovsk region, Dnipropetrovsk Cosmodromna Street, 4, block 3, apt. 7
Postal address: Luhansk region, Almazna, Tereshkova Street, 29

Activities and production
The basic direction of activity of enterprise is the complete processing of dumps of the accumulated offcuts of ferroalloy production of Stakhanov ferroalloy factory, as a result of which high-quality competitive ferrosilicon of the most widespread brands of FS 25, 45, 65 is smelted. A ferrosilicon is used in metallurgical industry for the reduction and alloying of steel, alloys, modified cast-iron, and also in other areas of industry. It differs by the minimum level of harmful admixtures, especially|in particular case of sulphur and phosphorus (up to 10 times lower than set by the state standard 4127:2002), that is used in the issue of high-quality metal. Processing of offcuts is carried out by their meltback in electro-slags stoves with application of direct current and no expenses electrodes. A low ecological danger, high cleanness of ferrosilicon, two/three times lower level of energy spending are the main advantages of this technology. The products of enterprise have high demand among the metallurgical complexes of Ukraine and other countries. Free of ecologically dangerous dumps solid is given for re-cultivation.

Technological base
In 2008 on the enterprise developed and have almost inculcated new technology on re-smelting of pulverulent faction without application of previous briquetting that allows to 100% reduce without leaving an existent dump harmful for nature and society. Presently the dump volume has already diminished twice, and to 2018 year the processing is planned to be finished. The slags already formed in the process of electro-slag meltback are fully ecologically safe. In 2008 the technological line installation on growing shallow of these slags and receipt to the macadam of different factions (0-5, 5-20, 20-50 and other) was successfully completed. Macadam is used in production of concrete (State Standard .2.7-39-95) and building of highways (State Standard 3344-83).

No. of employees: from 300 to 500 workers
  • Borisenko S. L. Director general
  • Borisenko A. S. Deputy director on commercial questions
  • Galuzinskyy S. G. Head of sales department
  • Vitiko A. V. Main engineer
Existent technology of processing of offcuts of ferroalloy production is innovative and protected by the patent of Ukraine 66958.
    Distinguishing awards
    The enterprise received a range of awards in last few years:
  • - Diploma of the finalist of All Ukrainian competition the 100 best commodities of Ukraine in 2004;
  • - Diploma of laureate of All Ukrainian competition the 100 best commodities of Ukraine in 2005;
  • - Diploma of winner of All Ukrainian competition the 100 best commodities of Ukraine in 2006-2007;
  • - for providing the stable dynamic development, an enterprise is marked by the honored diploma of laureate the Best enterprises of Ukraine in a nomination metallurgy in 2005 and 2006;
  • - in March, 2007 it is marked be European Business Assembly, Oxford, Great Britain with the Best Enterprises of Europe
  • - Diploma of winner of VI All Ukrainian competition Ecological quality and safety 2006;
  • - Diploma of participation in All Ukrainian competition Ecology and natural resources of Ukraine from 2004 to 2007;
  • - International prize of European Quality;
  • - Sign of quality Highest test;
  • - International certificate of product quality;
  • - Award Euromarket-Ukraine;
  • - Diploma-Certificate of Laureate of 3th All Ukrainian competition and the right to obtain the national sign of ecological marking Ecologically clean and safe 2004.
Contact information
Ecological initiative Ltd
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