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“Pobuzhsky ferronickel integrated works” Ltd.

“Pobuzhsky ferronickel integrated works” Ltd.


On Junes, 24, 1956 Decision №537-469 about building of Pobuzhsky ferronickel plant (future «PFIW») on the base of local deposits of the oxidized ferronickel ores was accepted by Council of Ministers of USSR. Building started in 1959 and the first ferronickel from ore was produced in December, 1972.

Address of the Company:

Legal address: 01011, Ukraine, Kiev, Pechersky district, Panasa Mirnogo Street, 16/13, apart.3.

Actual address: Ukraine, Kirovogradsky region, Golovanevsky district, urban village Pobugskoe, Industrialna Street, 12.


«PFIW» renders services for processing of the oxidized ferronickel ores to the ferronickel.

Production and productiotechnological process

« PFIW » carries out recessing on a classic chart: averaging-out ore – stocking with a repairer, by a gumboil – burning in the tubular revolved stoves – electro fusion of candle-end in ore thermal stoves – affinage of ferronickel in converters is teem for piglet or granules.

Technological base

«PFIW» disposes all necessary equipment for processing of ores to the ferronickel:

  • - an ore court with possibility of placing on its territories up to 200 thousand tones of ore raw material,
  • - faucets-unloaders for serving in production,
  • - the system of conveyers for the transmission of raw material and auxiliary materials.

Burning of charge takes place in 4 tubular revolved stoves, and melting of candle-end – in two ore thermal stoves. The slag produced in these stoves is processed to the macadam, abrasive material. A draft ferronickel is cleaned from admixtures in vertical oxygens converters, whereupon is spilled in bars or made into| granules.

Social infrastructure

The general quantity of workers of combine is about 1800 persons. Social infrastructure sphere and infrastructure of providing of life is developed in a settlement:

  • - hospital,
  • - school,
  • - 3 kindergartens,
  • - sports centre,
  • - house|building| of culture and other
  • - the base of rest providing beach, boats, sporting equipment.
  • Burtsev D. L. – Director General
  • Pupko L. B. – First deputy director general
  • Romanenko V. A. – Main engineer
  • Kapran I.I. – Head of production and technical department
  • Usik N.T. – Head of commercial questions bureau


At the combine the control system by quality of produced products|productions| of State standard| ISO 9001-2001 is inculcated (ISO 9001-2000, IDT).

Environmental protection

Pobuzhskyy| ferronickel integrated works is ecologically clean enterprise with low waste| technology. Questions on the guard|guarding| of environment are necessarily|of course| included into the annual programs of development of combine |switched| - water|aquatic,waters| and air|aerial| pools, in order to improve the terms of labour and life of workers. Executed|implemented| measures|steps| include following: translation|transfer| of tubular stoves on heating by natural gas, reconstruction of the systems of cleaning of off-gas of ТВП|, converters and aspiration systems, exception|exclusion| of upcast of sewages and transition on the reserved cycle of water-supply of enterprise.

Innovations, advanced technologies application

Within the framework of the programs on modernization of production, the row of progressive technologies and improvements is applied to introduction of new technique into industry: the area of drying of ore raw material, area of granulation of the electro-stove slag and ferronickel are built.


Measures on cutting the costs of power consumption are conducted. As a result, the setting on ТВП of new devices by 7,4% declining specific expense of natural gas is attained. Due to introduction of complex of measures the decline of specific expense of electric power used for electro fusion in 2009 lowered by 6,6% as compared to 2008

Contact information:
“Pobuzhskyy| ferronickel integrated works” Ltd.
8(05252) 5-13-89
8(05252) 5-13-89
8(0522) 36-62-67
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|8(0522) 36-62-68

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