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“Ordzhonikidze Ore Mining And Processing Enterprise”
Opening of the industrial manganese ore deposit in 1886 initiated the history of development of Ordzhonikidze mining and processing enterprise.
In 1964, "Ordzhonikidze marganets" trust was founded on the basis of the mine in 1970 the trust was renamed into Ordzhonikidze ore mining and processing enterprise.
In 1995 the enterprise was reorganized into Open joint-stock company "Ordzhonikidze ore mining and processing enterprise".
OJSC "OGZK" is developing the western part of Nikopol manganese deposit.

Address of the Company:
11 Kalinin St., town of Ordzhonikidze, Dnipropetrovs'k region, 53300, Ukraine.

Mission of OJSC "OGZK" is gaining the leading positions on Ukrainian and world markets of manganese-containing products, through increasing output and export figures, and searching for new sales markets.
    Our objectives:
  • - Achievement of consumer-oriented production program;
  • - Increasing of the enterprise's output;
  • - Introduction of new manufacturing methods and production processes;
  • - Improvement of production and financial indices of the enterprise;
  • - Raising the level of workers' skill;
  • - Meeting social and economic demands of labor collective and shareholders of the enterprise.
Main kinds of products and services of the OJSC "OGZK" cover production of manganese concentrate and manganese agglomerate.
Below are listed is the main output of OJSC "OGZK":
    Oxide manganese concentrate, featuring size of 0-50 mm:
  • - 1 grade - Mn content not less than 43 %;
  • - 1 B grade - Mn content not less than 41 %;
  • - 2 grade - Mn content not less than 34 %.
  • Carbonate manganese concentrate, featuring size ofV-50 mm and 0-200 mm:
  • - 1 grade - Mn content not less than 26 %.
  • Manganese agglomerate:
  • - AM-2 grade - Mn content not less than 40%.
Besides manganese ore, loam for constructing dams of tailing pits and shell rock limestone for producing flux, used in agglomeration process and cement production, are simultaneously extracted in the mines of the enterprise.

Technological process
Up to 1952 manganese ore was extracted using underground method only. In 1952 the Nikopol basin pioneered open-cast method, putting Bogdanovsky open-cut mine into service.
Since 1963, the enterprise's mines started using stripping equipment of continuous operation, namely, rotary excavators with output from 1 000 to 5 000 cub.m/hour, spreaders, conveyor bridges, long wall transfer and stacking conveyors, featuring productivity from 1 500 to 7 500 cub.m /hour (in loose weight).
    Technological process of main products at the enterprise consists of the following stages:
  1. Overburden operations are executed by 8 rotary excavators and 41 walking excavators.
  2. Crude ore is mined by 63 excavators of "straight shovel" type.
  3. Concentration of manganese ores is performed at two processing plants.
  4. Manganese agglomerate is produced at the processing and agglomeration plant.
    Social infrastructure
  1. Children's health camp;
  2. Preventive clinic;
  3. Stadium and swimming pool;
  4. Area of rest and Palace of Culture.
    Characteristics of industrial and production personnel:
  • - Managers – 9 % of total number;
  • - Experts – 10 % of total number;
  • - Workers – 80 % of total number;
  • - Office employees – 1 % of total number.
    Management bodies at the enterprise are general meeting of shareholders, supervisory council and board of the Company.
  • Postolovs'kyy V.V. – Chairman of the Supervisory council
  • Shuvayev S.P. – Chairman of the Board
Now OJSC "OGZK" is an enterprise with huge natural-and-geological and technical potential. The enterprise operates mines provided with highly efficient mining and transporting equipment of domestic and imported origin, allowing to produce nearly 200 million cubic meters of rock per year.
Being engaged in extraction and processing of manganese ores in Ukraine (Nikopol basin), OJSC "OGZK" became the largest enterprise in the world on output of manganese concentrate and agglomerate for ferroalloy and metallurgical plants which provide for supply to Ukrainian enterprises and export their goods to CIS and foreign countries.
OJSC "OGZK" is one of the largest enterprises engaged in extracting and processing manganese ore in the world. The Plant is given a priority in terms of mastering technologies of open cast mining, land reclamation and protection of nature.

Contact information
380 5667 44688
380 5667 44043

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