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The introductory part.

The open joint stock company “Stakhanov ferroalloy plant” is more than 45 years specialized on produce of siliceous alloys and it is the biggest producer of ferrosilicon in Ukraine. Thanks to the reconstruction the factory produces not only the siliceous alloys, but the manganous alloys since 2004year. The enterprise has 8 electric arc furnaces, productivity of each is about 2 thousand tons of production in a month. At present moment the factory realizes only 58,8%per sent of its production in Ukraine, and 41,2% - it realizes in near and far abroad. The basic consumers of our ferroalloys are Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Slovakia, Sweden, Romania, Moldova, Germany and other countries of EEC. Stakhanov ferroalloy plant is situated in eastern part of Donbass on the lands of city fund of Stakhanov in Lugansk region.

The history.

To satisfy the increasing demands of native metallurgy in ferrosilicon in 1952 the decision was adopted about construction of new ferroalloy plant. The construction was developed in 1959 after carrying out of searching works in steppe under the station Almaznaya of Voroshylovgrad region. The building of the factory is this region has been caused by two main circumstances: a close disposition of other metallurgical enterprises and good transport communications. Already on April, 10th 1962 the first output of metal has been produced in shift of A.A. Masloyan from furnace № 1. The last two furnaces (№7, №8) have been put into exploitation in November, 1962. According to demands of the advanced technique and technology the project provided a high level of automation and mechanization of industrial processes, and as smelting units -the closed electric arc furnaces by capacity 16,5MVA of each, essentially the new smelting units in comparison with exploited ones in the country. The designed capacity of the factory is 193,2 thousand tons of ferrosilicon in a count on 45% alloy. The open joint stock company “Stakhanov ferroalloy plant” is created in according to order of transformation during the process of privatization of the enterprise in the open joint stock company. The company is the successor of state Stakhanov ferroalloy plant.

The present.

Since 2004 the work of reconstruction of electric furnaces had been begun at the enterprise. In period 2004-2007 the work had been finished by the reconstruction of four furnaces with their transfer on new alloy – ferrosilicomanganese .In September, 2004 the electric furnace № 8 has gone out on productive capacity and in December,2004 – the electric furnace № 7. After finishing works on furnaces №7, № 8, the factory has begun a reconstruction of furnace № 5 and 6 and in June, 2005 the electric furnace № 6 has already gone out on productive capacity, and in November, 2005 – the furnace №5. Having done the works of reconstruction of basic technological equipment, the management of the factory did not leave the questions of ecology, and at the same time the works of capital construction by new dry gas purifying have been performed by using the modern technologies.Also the management of the factory has continued the development of technological capacities and inculcation of modern technologies. The works of modernization of the furnace №3 have been finished, the defroster of dry cargoes has been built by using the technologies – unique in Ukraine, besides the works of reconstruction of shop of electrode weight have been finished with increasing industrial capacity up to 1500 tons in a month.

About a management.

In May, 2004 – at the assembly of shareholders of SFP Dubinin Alexander Ivanovich had been selected as a Chairman of board. Under his competent management and owing to knowledge and experience of supervising technical staff of the factory the works of reconstruction of the equipment have been performed. It necessary to note, that the management and the labour collective of the factory do not stop on reached, and conduct the work directed on increasing the productive capacities and improvement of specific parameters.

The production.

The open joint stock company “Stakhanov ferroalloy plant” is now specialized on melting high – siliceous marks of ferrosilicon FS 65 and FS 75, silicomanganese MnC 17, monthly producing also FS 45.The factory is the specialized enterprise in manufacture of ferrosilicon marks FS 20, FS 25, FS45, FS65, FS75, FS 90, ferromanganese marks MnC 17 PB, MnC 17P45, and also modifiers and ligatures on its basis.

The general electronic address of the factory – info@sfz.org.ua

The contact phones of the open joint stock company “Stakhanov ferroalloy plant”:
Chairman of boardDubinin
Alexander Ivanovich
The vice-chairman of
board, the chief
Vladimir Pavlovich

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