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Marganets Ore Mining And Processing Enterprise
JSC Marganets ore mining and processing enterprise is one of the biggest enterprises of mining and working up of manganese ore in the world.
Nikopol manganese Basin discovered in 1883 by prominent geologist V.. Domger. In 1950s the active implementation of new technologies and expansion of production capacities has stated.
Marganets ore mining and processing enterprise covers the eastern part of Nikopol manganese Basin.

Address of the Company: 62, Sovetskaya str., Marganets, Dnepropetrovsk Region, 53407, Ukraine.

    Main types of activities and production are:
  • - digging and deep-mined output of manganese ore,
  • - extraction of concrete raw materials for plants of keramzit gravel and weighting material plants, extraction of slimes from man-caused resources,
  • - producing of sulfuric manganese as solution,
  • - producing of crystalline sulfuric manganese.

Technological process
To separate the useful concentrate manganese - from the rest of the minerals, the dressing mill uses the main concentrating techniques (e.g. washing, jiggling, electromagnetic separation and high intensive separation).

    Technological base
    Nowadays the structure of the enterprise includes:
  • 2 open-cast mines for digging of manganese ore,
  • 7 mines for deep-mined output and
  • 2 ore-dressing plants.
    Social infrastructure
    The social sphere of the plant includes:
  • 1. PC Miners;
  • 2. Sanatorium;
  • 3. Clinic;
  • 4. Base of rest of " Chayka" and "Golubaya Dal ";
  • 5. Stadium and gymnasium "Nadezhda".
    Since December of 2007, JSC Marganets ore mining and processing enterprise is headed by Oleg Nikolaevich Sezonenko.
  • Zilberman A.Y. President
  • Moiseev I. V. Vice-chairman on production
  • Dobrenkova l. G. Chief accountant
  • Vitiko A. V. Main engineer

Environmental protection
Presently wors is establishing the program on energy savings in 2009 on reduction of consumption of the heating fuel oil (the transferring of the steam heating of water to electric mines.)

Innovations, advanced technologies application
One of main directions of work on the guard of resources of waters assignments at JSC Marganets ore mining and processing enterprise is introduction of new technological processes of production, passing to the reserved cycles of water-supply, within which the cleared waters of sewers are not thrown, but repeatedly used in technological processes. The reserved cycles of industrial water-supply will enable to liquidate fully emissions of waters of sewers in superficial reservoirs, and to use fresh water for irretrievable loss replacement.

Contact information
JSC Marganetskiy ore mining and processing enterprise
(05665) 6-00-07
(05665) 6-00-22
Teletype: 349818 KLEN

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