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" Zaporozhye Ferroalloy Plant " zfz.com.ua


Joint Stock Company " Zaporozhye Ferroalloy Plant " is one of the largest producers of ferroalloys in Europe. World volume of manganese ferroalloys production constitutes 5,7 % . The prospects of the plant are secured by proximity of Predneproviye raw material and energy bases together with well developed transport network. All this along with extensive business ties with national and foreign partners enables the plant to produce hundred thousand tons of silicon and manganese alloys. The smelting is effected in powerful thermal and electric arc furnaces.
Construction started in 1931 and one year later after putting in operation of Dneprovskoy hydroelectric power station, in October 10, 1933 two furnaces already produced ferrochrome. The first tons of ferrochrome were produced in 1933 - that's the beginning of the plant biography.

Address of the Company: Ukraine, 69035, Zaporozhye, street. Diagonal, 11.

The main products of the plant are various ferroalloys: ferrosilicomanganese, ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, manganese metal. Moreover the plant produces metallurgical lime, sells ferroalloy slugs, which are predominantly used in construction and building. Our ferroalloys are well known in CIS as well as in the whole world. Their quality is confirmed by the International quality standard ISO 9001.

    Technological base
    31 submerged arc furnaces:
  • - eight 7 MVA
  • - five 7,5 MVA
  • - one 15 MVA
  • - six 21 MVA,
  • - seven 23 MVA
  • - two 27,6 MVA
  • - two 1,5 MVA
    Social infrastructure
  • 1. Recreation centre on the coast of Azov Sea
  • 2. Sanatorium on Khortizha Island
  • 3. 29 dwelling houses and 2 dormitories.

No. of employees: 3400

  • Kravchenko P. - Chairmаn of the Board
  • Bespalov O. - Technical director
  • Vakulchik V. - Commercial director
  • Gordiyenko T. - Chief accountant
  • Alekseenko A. - Deputy Chairmen of the board (finance).

Distinguishing awards

Order of Labor Red Flag
For the considerable achieved work successes.

Certificate ISO 9001

Birmingham torch
For outstanding results in severe and transition economic conditions of Ukrainian development

«Order of honor»
For the considerable contribution to the development of domestic metallurgy

«European quality»
For reaching high quality of production corresponding to European standards

    Environmental protection
  • 1. Reconstruction of the sector of lime production was finished by the construction of the modern gas cleaning system – baghouse
  • 2. Development of slag dump. New advanced crushing-and-sorting complex in slags recycling and processing workshop will be constructed. This will enable to reach 100% processing of current slags and gradually utilize previously located production waste.
  • 3. Reconstruction of melting shop № 4. This reconstruction is planned to be finished till 2012 and will include not only the construction of new generation furnaces, but also application of the achievements of science to production, namely energy saving technology, heat recovery and energy utilization technology and construction of the modern gas cleaning system – baghouse.
  • 4. Reconstruction of furnaces № 9,10 of melting shop № 1 with transfer of its running on direct current technology which have no analogs in ferroalloy industry. This will enable to produce rear alloys and additionally utilize production waste.
    Innovations, advanced technologies application
  • 1. Technology of out-of-furnace waste material (metal screening, fines) utilization – electric power economy. Technology is protected by patent.
  • 2. Technology of waste material (slags) utilization in construction function – technical strengthening of enclosure, ground covering, preventing of ground draw.
  • 3. Technology of increased use of ferroalloy gas in lime production providing 50/50 natural gas economy.
  • 4. Technology of new type’s refractor material use – increasing volumes of refined alloys production due to overhaul life extend of lining.

Contact information
JSC "Zaporozhsky ferroalloy plant"
rpred@ferro.zp.ua, spred@ferro.zp.ua

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